lyric and vocals by K.A.N.T.A

all produced and written by K.A.N.T.A

all produced and written by K.A.N.T.A

all produced and written by K.A.N.T.A

  • all produced and written by K.A.N.T.A

  • K.A.N.T.A is A Multifaceted Musician Tokyo native Artist. Currently producing music spanning from individualized personal productions for art patrons to major commercial works. Including but not limited to featured production with artist and brands world wide such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Jeep, Roy Tamaki, and Wieden+Kennedy. All production made by K.A.N.T.A are considered HI-End Sounds. Engineering all sounds in his own Creation Factory K A N T A L A N D located in the heart of on Harajuku Street.

    K.A.N.T.A began making music at an early age with the influence of his father, renowned Japanese producer K.U.D.O (Major Force/Mo’Wax). K.A.N.T.A made his first featured apperance at the age of 6 on remix of “Konyawa Buggie Back” by SPD a No.1 hit song in Japan with Sony. At 21 he began to focused on music full time. In 2009 he performed his first live show at Unit, performing with Kenji Jammer (Simply Red Guitarist) for their Japan Tour Final. Following up the same year he was reconnected with UNKLE (James Lavelle) to work on a remix in for a Lupe Fiasco x UNKLE in London. With the help of his new managment he landed a major distribution deal for his 1st album, “ROYAL NEW STANDARD” in 2011. Releasing physical and digital copies distributed through major record chains including Tower Records, HMV, and iTunes music. Digitally K.A.N.T.A’s single “Beautiful” reached No.1 on Amazon MP3 and stayed there for 5 consecutive weeks, simultaneously his track “Stand Up & Say No” was single of the week on iTunes. K.A.N.T.A worked closely with a fashion PR company 4K and would be promoted as a Tokyo Icon for G-star Raw, Mr. Porter, and G-shock. In 2015 K.A.N.T.A officially opened his first studio, K A N T A L A N D. Starting Project Mozart and the 1&0 Project based around the concept “Genzai Art” (combining art with a physical object) would serve as a new way for K.A.N.T.A to connect is music to the world. Adidas Originals contacted K.A.N.T.A to produce an art installation for the Superstar campaign held at the Harajuku Flagship Store. K.A.N.T.A began to sell individual personalized music to High End clientele. Branding his music as HI-End Sounds, currently Project Mozart sales range from of $8,000 to $15,000 per project.

    Collaborating with a plethora of international brands through designing products, creating art installations, in-store live events, and creative direction for visual productions branding. K.A.N.T.A has organically branding himself as a Musician and Creator. K A N T A L A N D gradually evolved from a music production label to a full on creative agency around 2014. Most of the revenue made this past year came directly from Genzai Art and production work for TV commercials including Coca Cola, Panasonic, Jeep, etc.

    Starting off the year Wieden+Kennedy employed to K.A.N.T.A produce audio for the company’s year end review show reel, used to open all meetings with clients. This served as a direct conduit connecting K.A.N.T.A with many global brands, with W+K current clients including Ben & Jerry’s, Citizen, and Facebook and Nike. Reebok Classic Japan commissioned a 1 & 0 project featuring a small collection and an audio/visual experience at the release party art installation, followed by a one month in-store presentation at Reebok Harajuku Flagship. Shortly after Nike sought music production for Nike Air Presto Japan digital campaign.

    Towards the 2nd half of the year K.A.N.T.A’s 1 & 0 projects gained much traction, he found himself producing tailored music for wealthy individuals. With a focused on In-house music production and live performances K.A.N.T.A began to connect his new sounds Live & Directly to fans. Hosting a weekly radio show Urban Hippy Connection via Interviewed creatives and had live performances. Recently performing live with a band as K.A.N.T.A.N.O.V.A a improv mixed production set with a Jazz influence. After producing music both Cote Mer’s MBFW and AFW runway shows for Japan Fashion Week, the In-house collaboration project grew in to what is now Broke City Gold sold exclusively at K A N T A L A N D.